Jabugo Altanza Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Jabugo Altanza Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Jabugo Hams
  • Jabugo Altanza Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Jabugo Altanza Acorn-fed Iberian Ham Jabugo Hams

50% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham Jabugo Altanza

InfoCompra 50% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham Jabugo Altanza

Entrega entre 2 y 3 días hábiles

Acorn-fed ham 50% Iberian, produced in Jabugo in the Altanza drying sheds.

Red label of the Iberian standard.



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ALTANZA's 50% Iberian Bellota Ham is an exceptional product that combines tradition and quality in each of its pieces. The experience and knowledge of the best ham masters in Spain have made it possible to create a unique gastronomic jewel, distinguished by its flavors, aromas and textures. This piece of ham, with red label according to the Iberian Standard, is the result of a meticulous process and a rigorous selection of Iberian pigs with 50% racial purity.

Origin and breeding

The ALTANZA brand is characterized by its commitment to quality and respect for tradition. The 50% purebred Iberian pigs come from 100% Iberian mothers and parents of another breed. These animals are raised free-range in the pastures, where they feed on acorns during the "montanera", in addition to grasses and natural pastures. This type of feed, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, is responsible for the ham's healthy fat profile and its unmistakable flavor.

Curing and maturing

The curing process for ALTANZA 50% Iberian Bellota Ham lasts between 30 and 36 months. During this time, the pieces are subjected to a series of controlled changes in temperature and humidity in natural drying sheds and cellars, which allows the hams to reach an optimum point of maturation. This slow and careful process guarantees the quality of the product and its characteristic flavor.

Organoleptic characteristics

ALTANZA's 50% Iberian Bellota Ham is distinguished by its unique organoleptic characteristics. The meat has pink and reddish tones, while the fat, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, has a shiny appearance and a yellowish-white tone. The texture of the ham is consistent and smooth, with a perfect balance between the meat and the infiltrated fat.

The flavor of ALTANZA Ibérico Jamón Ibérico de Bellota 50% Raza Ibérica is exquisite, with a sweet touch and a background of acorns that can be appreciated in every bite. The aroma is intense and evocative, transporting us to the pastures where the Iberian pigs are raised. Thanks to the careful curing and maturation, this ham offers a perfect balance between saltiness and flavor, making it a unique product in the world of Iberian hams.

Presentation and purchasing options

ALTANZA's 50% Iberian Bellota Ham is presented in whole pieces with bone, ranging from 7 to 8.5 kilograms. If you prefer, you can also buy it sliced by hand in 100-gram sachets, or boneless. Look for these presentations in our Delijamon online store. This way, you will be able to enjoy this delicacy without complications and adapted to your needs.

ALTANZA: a trusted brand

ALTANZA is a recognized and valued brand in the world of Iberian ham. Its commitment to quality and respect for tradition is reflected in each of its products. ALTANZA's 50% Iberian Bellota Ham is a safe choice for those who are looking for a superior quality product with an unparalleled flavor.

ALTANZA's Acorn-Fed Ibérico Ham 50% Iberian Breed is more than a product, it is a unique gastronomic experience that we invite you to discover. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the great treasures of Spanish gastronomy. We assure you that every bite will be a real treat for your senses.

Approximate weight: 7,5 Kg


Data sheet

Ibérico 50%
Más de 24 meses
Jamón (pata trasera)
Altanza Jabugo SL Ctra. del Repilado a Jabugo, núm. 1 (21290) Jabugo (Huelva), España