Paleta Serrana Duroc Gran Reserva Serón Serrano Ham Serón Hams
  • Paleta Serrana Duroc Gran Reserva Serón Serrano Ham Serón Hams

Serrano Duroc Gran Reserva Serón Shoulder Ham

InfoCompra Serrano Duroc Gran Reserva Serón Shoulder Ham

Entrega entre 2 y 3 días hábiles

Fantastic paleta serrana for those who do not need as much meat as in a ham.

Available in 3 formats:

-Paleta Serrana whole piece with bone.

-Paleta Serrana boneless and polished, ready to be cut by machine or in cubes.

-Serrano Shoulder Set with ham holder and knife

Approximate weight: 4,5 Kg



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Serrano Shoulder from Serón Gran Reserva

Check out our Serrano de Serón Gran Reserva shoulder! With 4.5 kilos of delicious white pork cured in Almeria for 12 months, this meaty delight will surprise you with its authentic flavor and smooth, juicy texture. With no preservatives or artificial additives, add a touch of flavor to your cooking and make your next meal special! Don't miss this opportunity and buy our Serrano shoulder now!

Serrano Duroc shoulder ham made in the Sierra de los Filabres by Jamones de Serón.

A small ham, but ready to fill your sandwich, tapa or dish with flavor and protein.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Appearance: thin cuts with fat infiltrated in the muscle mass. Characteristic marbling.

Color: Between red and purple red meat and yellowish white fat.

Consistency: Firm and homogeneous texture. Delicate flavor, not excessively salty, with a pleasant and natural aroma.


Data sheet

Más de 15 meses
Paletilla (pata delantera)
Pieza entera con hueso
Jamones de Serón C/ Gadil nº15, Serón, 04890 Almería, España
Paleta de cerdo, sal, azúcar, conservadores (E 252, E 250), antioxidante (E 300)

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