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Serón Ham

A ham produced in Almería, in the heart of Sierra de Filabres.

Our range includes hams produced in Serón, from the reserve cured ham to the grand reserve, including the top of the range 1880.

Serón Hams

In 1880, we were pioneers in discovering the benefits of Serón's climate for curing hams. Since then, we have based our production in the Filabres mountain range, an emblematic place that enjoys an ideal microclimate for the natural curing of our hams and sausages.

At Jamones de Serón we cure all our products with the only help of the air, the silence of the mountains, a pinch of salt and the wisdom of our ham masters who select the hams at the right moment of curing, which usually exceeds the months of curing established by the Fundación de Jamón Serrano for the delight of the most demanding palates.

Thanks to this process and our extensive experience, today those who understand ham know that with Jamones de Serón they always get it right.

This company located in the province of Almería focuses on the production of excellent Serrano hams as well as white pork sausages.

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