Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Huelva Ham JamonRey
  • Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Huelva Ham JamonRey
  • Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Huelva Ham JamonRey
  • Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Huelva Ham JamonRey

Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Huelva Ham JamonRey

InfoCompra Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Huelva Ham JamonRey


50% Acorn-fed Iberian Ham

Produced in the Sierra de Huelva in the traditional way from Iberian breed pigs fed on acorns. With red seal of the Iberian standard.

High quality acorn-fed ham with no additives.

Weight: 7.5 Kg - 8 Kg
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Acorn-fed 50% Iberian Ham from the province of Huelva

Jamon de Bellota 50% Iberico Jabugo

Iberian Ham from Huelva is an exquisite delicacy, considered one of Spain's gastronomic jewels. Produced in the beautiful region of Huelva, in the southwest of Andalusia, this ham comes from purebred Iberian pigs that are raised in the wild, feeding on acorns and natural grasses in the dehesas during the montanera.

The exceptional quality of Jamón Ibérico de Huelva is reflected in its meticulous preparation and prolonged aging. After a salting process, the ham is cured for at least 36 months, developing a mouthwatering complexity of flavors and aromas.

The texture is smooth and the meat has a dark red color, interspersed with shiny, soft-textured fat that melts in the mouth, leaving a lingering, exceptionally rich flavor. With each slice you can appreciate the characteristic marbling of the fat, which provides that incomparable flavor, the result of the pig's acorn-fed diet.

The flavor of Jamón Ibérico de Huelva is subtle and sophisticated, with notes of nuts, wood and mushrooms, with a sweet background provided by the acorns. This balance of flavors, together with its incomparable texture, makes it a delight for food lovers, and is a clear reflection of the essence and culinary tradition of the Huelva region. Undoubtedly, a gastronomic luxury to enjoy and share.

Approximate weight: 7,5 Kg


Data sheet

Rojo de la norma del ibérico
Ibérico 50%
Más de 36 meses
Jamón (pata trasera)
Selección Reserva Jabugo SLU 21230 Cortegana Huelva
Sin conservantes