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Arcos ham knife

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Classic knife for cutting ham from the well-known Arcos brand. This knife provides quality and safety when slicing a ham or shoulder.



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The Arcos ham knife and sharpener are the perfect accessories for lovers of Spanish ham. These products are considered the best in their category due to their superior quality and ergonomic design.

The Arcos ham knife is specially designed to cut Spanish ham precisely and efficiently. Its long, thin blade allows for fine, uniform cuts, thus highlighting the unique characteristics of each slice of ham. In addition, its stainless steel edge guarantees exceptional durability and perfect sharpening.

On the other hand, the Arcos sharpener is the ideal complement to keep the ham knife in optimal condition. Thanks to its high-quality sharpening system, this sharpener allows you to keep the edge of the knife always sharp, thus ensuring a precise and effortless cut. Its compact and easy-to-use design makes it an essential tool for any Spanish ham fan.

Both products are manufactured with the highest quality standards of the renowned Arcos brand, a leader in the knife industry. Its tradition and experience in the sector guarantee the excellence of these accessories, making them the preferred choice of professionals and fans of Spanish ham.

In short, the Arcos ham knife and sharpener are the best accessories for cutting Spanish ham due to their superior quality, ergonomic design, and exceptional durability. With these products, you can enjoy perfectly cut slices of ham and thus highlight all the flavor and texture of this culinary delight.