Serrano Ham from Serón Selection 1880 Serrano Ham Hams from Serón
  • Serrano Ham from Serón Selection 1880 Serrano Ham Hams from Serón

Serrano Ham from Serón Selection 1880

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(€14.40 Kg)

Entrega entre 2 y 3 días hábiles

If you like quality serrano ham, you will love this one. A delicious Serón ham with an extraordinary cure and with which you will succeed at home, or at any gathering with friends.

Try it, and then tell us.


Serón Serrano Ham Selection 1880

The Jamón de Serón 1880 is a Serrano of the highest quality that presents the PGI Jamón de Serón . Delicate flavor and low in salt with the pleasant characteristic aroma of a traditional Serrano, with unctuous fat slightly infiltrated into the meat.

This serrano ham from Serón Selección 1880 is a high-quality, long-cured piece, one of the best white pork hams you can find on the market.

This ham has been cured in the mountains of Serón, a town in the province of Almería, at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level.

The curing is carried out in a natural and artisanal way, just as it has been done for hundreds of years, to obtain quality meat with a homogeneous texture.

Serón hams are made exclusively in the municipality


Data sheet

Más de 20 meses
Jamón (pata trasera)
Pieza entera con hueso
Jamones de Serón C/ Gadil nº15, Serón, 04890 Almería, España
Nutrition facts / 100 g
Energía 1000 Kj / 239 Kcal Calorías
Grasas 12,3 g
   Saturadas 4,10 g
Hidratos de carbono 0,9 g
   Azúcares 0,9 g
Proteínas 31,2 g
Sal 4,7 g

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