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Covap Ham: The taste of authenticity in your dishes

COVAP is a Spanish company that offers a wide variety of products, among which Iberian products such as hams, shoulders and sausages stand out. In addition, it offers different shipping, return and catalog options, as well as sheep's cheese, raw and pasteurized milk, and goat's milk, and 100% Iberian and beef options. On their website, they offer free shipping starting at €99 in mainland Spain, they have purchase options for whole and cut hams and shoulders, and Iberian sausages from specific brands. They also offer customer reviews and a blog for more information. In addition, they present a special offer of a 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham Covap Alta Expresion, with a money-back guarantee and knife cutting option.

Getting to know COVAP and its Iberian products

What is COVAP and its history in the production of Iberian ham

COVAP is a Spanish company that is dedicated to the production of high quality foods, with a wide range of products that includes dairy, meat and Iberian products. The company was founded in 1959 by a group of farmers and today has more than 20,000 cooperative members. COVAP offers sustainable production and a rigorous production process that guarantees the quality of all its products.

Varieties of Iberian products offered by COVAP

COVAP is known for its high-quality Iberian products, such as Iberian pork hams, shoulders and sausages, which are produced in the Los Pedroches region of Córdoba. The company offers different varieties of products, including 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams and shoulders, 100% Iberian hams and bait. They also offer Iberian loin, chorizo and salchichón, among other delicious sausages.

Differences between Iberian, acorn-fed and cebo ham: what you should know before buying

Before buying an Iberian ham, it is important to know the differences between the different varieties. Acorn-fed Iberian ham is one that comes from 100% Iberian pigs and feed exclusively on acorns and herbs from the pasture. Iberian cebo ham comes from Iberian pigs raised on feed and pasture, while 100% Iberian ham is one that comes from 100% Iberian purebred pigs and are raised freely in the pastures feeding on acorns during the montanera season. It is important to keep in mind that acorn-fed Iberian ham is differentiated by its intense and aromatic flavor, its juicy and soft texture and its exclusive origin from 100% free-range Iberian pigs that have eaten acorns. While Iberian bait ham, although still delicious, does not have the quality and variety of flavors that acorn-fed Iberian ham has. It is important to take these details into account when buying an Iberian ham to be able to choose the one that best suits our tastes and needs.

How to buy COVAP Iberian products online

Accessing the COVAP website

To buy COVAP Iberian products online, the first thing you have to do is access their website. To do this, you can search Google for "COVAP" or directly type the URL into your browser. Once inside the page, you can browse the different categories and subcategories to find the product you are looking for.

How to find the product you need in the COVAP catalog

In the main menu of the website, you will be able to see different categories of products, such as "Hams and Shoulders", "Sausage" and "Cheese". By clicking on one of them, different subcategories will be displayed that will allow you to find the product you need more specifically. In addition, you can also use the web page search engine by typing the name of the product you are looking for.

How to choose between piece, boneless and sliced: options and prices of COVAP products

Once you have found the product you are looking for, you can choose between different purchase options. In the case of hams and shoulders, for example, you can choose between whole pieces, boneless or sliced. Each option has a different price and you can select the one that suits you best.

Shipping COVAP Iberian products to your home

Once you have selected the products you want to buy, you must indicate the address where you want to receive them. COVAP offers free shipping from €99 in mainland Spain and they also have an online store in the United States. You will be able to choose different shipping options, such as "Standard Delivery" or "Express Delivery". In addition, you can also choose the day you want to receive the products.

Payment methods, returns and guarantees on COVAP products

COVAP offers different payment options, such as credit or debit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Additionally, they also offer financing options in case you want to pay in installments. In case you are not satisfied with your products, COVAP offers a money-back guarantee and you can make a free return within 15 days. In addition, they also offer quality guarantee on all their products.

Special offers and COVAP packs

Promotions and discounts on COVAP products: an opportunity to try gourmet Iberian products

If you love to enjoy the unique flavors and textures of COVAP Iberian products, we have prepared for you a selection of promotions and discounts so that you can try these delicacies with an excellent quality-price ratio. One of the most notable promotions that COVAP offers is the raffle of a professional knife for those who buy COVAP meats. Simply make your purchase and enter the draw for this essential kitchen utensil. Furthermore, if you are a fan of ham and shoulder, COVAP presents an irresistible offer: get a 50% discount on the second unit of sliced ham and shoulder. A perfect opportunity to always have these quality Iberian products on hand in your home!

How to order a pack of COVAP Iberian products: prices and shipping

But if you want to try a wide variety of COVAP Iberian products, we recommend that you choose to contract one of the special packs of Iberian products offered on the COVAP website. These packs are an excellent option if you want to enjoy a selection of COVAP Iberian products at a special price. In addition, shipping is insured so that you receive your products in a very short period of time. The COVAP packs offer you a selection of Iberian sausages such as loin, chorizo and salchichón, as well as ham and shoulder. The pack includes a careful selection of the best pieces from each category, ideal for you to enjoy the complete experience of COVAP products. Each pack of Iberian products comes carefully packaged and labeled to ensure its quality and freshness. To take advantage of these offers, simply access the COVAP website, select the packs option and choose the selection that you like the most. You can also find packs of other COVAP gourmet products such as sheep's cheese, raw and pasteurized milk, and goat's milk. COVAP packs are a smart and economical way to enjoy the best in Iberian products without leaving home, don't miss this unique opportunity!

100% Iberian hams and shoulders from COVAP: knife cutting and boning

Knife cutting of COVAP hams and shoulders

COVAP offers the option of cutting with a knife for the hams and shoulders that you purchase in its online store. This means that you will have the possibility of receiving the product already cut into thin slices by an expert ham cutter, which will allow you to enjoy its flavor and texture without having to worry about cutting it yourself. This knife cutting service is especially recommended if you do not have experience cutting ham, since this way you will avoid possible errors and you can ensure that the product will maintain all its quality.

Boning of hams and shoulders COVAP

Another option offered by COVAP is the deboning of hams and shoulders, which means that they will send you the product boneless, which makes it easier to consume and reduces its weight. This option is especially recommended if you prefer a more comfortable and practical way to enjoy these products, in addition to reducing the space that the product takes up in the refrigerator or pantry.

How to enjoy Iberian hams: tips on how to preserve and cut COVAP hams

To fully enjoy COVAP Iberico ham, it is important to know how to preserve and cut them correctly. In general, it is recommended to store Iberians in a cool, dry place, and wrap them in aluminum foil or plastic wrap to prevent them from drying out. It is also important to use a specific knife for cutting ham, which is at least 25 cm long and has a smooth, narrow blade. To start cutting the ham you have to make some superficial cuts on the outside of the ham, so that the layer of yellowish fat (the rind) is removed. Afterwards, you have to start cutting thin slices from the club or countermace, which is located in the part closest to the animal's hind leg. It is important to cut the ham in the opposite direction to the direction of the fibers, which will allow the slice to maintain its integrity and not break. By following these tips you will be able to enjoy COVAP hams and shoulders in a comfortable and simple way, and taste all their flavor and texture without losing quality.

Iberian sausages and sheep and goat cheeses COVAP

Varieties of Iberian sausages offered by COVAP

COVAP has a wide variety of Iberian sausages made with the best cuts of meat and natural spices. They stand out among them:

  • Iberian loin: selected piece of the Iberian pork loin, salted and marinated with natural spices and stuffed in natural casing. It has a mild and slightly sweet flavor.
  • Iberian chorizo: made with select Iberian pork meat, marinated with paprika and natural seasonings. Its flavor is intense and slightly spicy. Available in different formats, such as chorizo cular or chorizo for cooking.
  • Iberian sausage: made with lean Iberian pork meat, marinated with natural spices and stuffed in natural casing. Its flavor is balanced, soft and slightly sweet. Also available in different formats, such as the cular sausage or the cooking sausage.

How to choose the best COVAP cheese for your palate

COVAP has cheeses made with the highest quality sheep and goat milk. Sheep cheeses have a strong and peculiar flavor, while goat cheeses usually have a more intense and acidic flavor. Among the varieties of cheese that COVAP offers, the following stand out:

  • Cured sheep cheese: made with raw sheep's milk, its flavor is intense and slightly spicy. Perfect to enjoy with a good red wine.
  • Semi-cured sheep cheese: made with pasteurized sheep's milk, its flavor is smooth and balanced, with a slightly fruity touch.
  • Cured goat cheese: made with raw goat milk, its flavor is intense and has a slight acidic touch. Perfect to pair with fruity white wines.
  • Semi-cured goat cheese: made with pasteurized goat milk, its flavor is smooth and balanced, with a softer touch than cured goat cheese.

Choosing the best COVAP cheese for your palate will depend on your personal tastes and the culinary preferences of each dish. It is best to try different varieties and pair them with different wines or cavas to find the perfect combination. Come discover COVAP cheeses and enjoy their unique flavor!

Wines and cavas to pair with COVAP products

Selection of DO Pedroches wines and other denominations

COVAP not only offers a wide variety of Iberian products, but also has a selection of wines from different designations of origin that perfectly complement our high-quality Iberian products. One of the most outstanding wines is the red Reserva from DO Pedroches, made from the Tempranillo grape, which has great aromatic complexity and a balanced flavor. Other wines from DO Montilla-Moriles and DO Ribera del Duero are also available on the COVAP website, offering a wide variety of flavors to pair with our Iberian products.

Cavas to toast and celebrate with COVAP Iberian products

Our wide selection of Iberian products deserves to be accompanied by a good cava. COVAP has a catalog of brut nature, brut and semi-dry cavas, with different presentations and prices, for all tastes and occasions. Our Brut Nature Reserva cava is perfect to accompany our acorn-fed Iberian hams and shoulders, since its fresh and dry flavor helps cleanse the palate. In addition, our brut and semi-dry cavas are ideal to pair with our Iberian sausages and sheep and goat cheeses. Do not hesitate to consult our catalog and choose the perfect cava for your celebrations and meals accompanying our COVAP Iberian products.

Customer comments and opinions

What customers say about COVAP products

On the COVAP website it is possible to find a section of opinions from customers who have tried their Iberian products. In general, the opinions are very positive, especially highlighting the authentic taste and quality of the products. Customers describe the ham as "exquisite", "tasty" and "very well cured." The quality of the sausages and cheeses is also highlighted, which are described as "delicious" and "with an intense flavor." Customers also point out the speed of shipping and customer service as highly valued elements.

Share your opinion about COVAP products

In addition to the customer reviews that can be found on the web, the possibility is also offered to share your own opinion after trying COVAP products. To do this, you only need to access the page of any product and click on "reviews" to leave your comment. Customers are appreciated for sharing their experience with the products so we can improve day by day.

COVAP Blog: articles and advice for Iberian lovers

On the COVAP blog you can find interesting articles and advice for those Iberian lovers who want to delve deeper into the world of these products. The articles include information about the history of Iberian ham, how to distinguish the different types of ham, tips for cutting and preserving Iberian ham and shoulder, preparing dishes with Iberian ham, ham tasting, etc.

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