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Arcos ham knife and sharpener

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A perfect package of knife and sharpener (chaira) along with a DVD explaining how to correctly cut ham and maintain accessories.


Discover the best accessories for cutting Spanish ham: the Arcos ham knife and sharpener! If you are a ham lover and want to enjoy an exceptional cutting experience, these two products are essential in your kitchen.

The Arcos Ham Knife, designed specifically for cutting ham, is the perfect tool to guarantee precise and clean cuts. Made with high quality materials, its long and narrow blade will allow you to make fine and uniform cuts, highlighting the texture and flavor of the ham. In addition, its ergonomic handle will give you a comfortable and secure grip, preventing any slipping during cutting.

But what would a knife be without a proper sharpener? For this reason, Arcos has created the perfect sharpener to always keep your ham knife in optimal condition. With its three-stage sharpening system, this sharpener will guarantee a perfect edge on your knife, allowing you to make precise and effortless cuts. Its compact and easy-to-use design makes it the ideal complement to your ham knife.

The combination of the Arcos ham knife and sharpener offers you an incomparable cutting experience. Not only will you be able to enjoy Spanish ham of the highest quality, but you will also be able to boast impeccable presentation in your dishes. In addition, being durable and high-quality products, they will accompany you for many years in your tasting moments.

Don't waste any more time looking for cutting accessories that don't meet your expectations. Opt for excellence and choose the Arcos ham knife and sharpener, the best companions to enjoy the authentic flavor of Spanish ham. You will not regret!